Case Study 3: Much needed pre-move sort out

The Problem

With two full-time working parents, and three house moves within a year, this busy family were struggling to control their kids’ clothes and toys.  Drawers were crammed with clothes that were too small, and badly organised toys and books meant the children could never find anything to play with. The family was making another move, and wanted my help to get organised before the big day.

Project Package


Time it took

17 hours

The Solution

I worked with my client to sort through toys and clothes.  Clothes were categorised according to each girl by type of clothes, and all toys were sorted by type/usage.

All the items were boxed, labelled and colour-coded; facilitating unpacking, as well as making it easier to think about new storage needs.

Ten boxes were given away – some to a chosen charity, some to the Recycle Unit, some to family and friends.

My working on this project meant that my clients did not need to take time off work to move.  They could also use their time doing all those small but time consuming jobs that moving house brings.

My client said:

“Patty was professional, smooth and efficient.  Going through everything with someone else was really helpful.  It was great that I did not need to be around while the room was packed up.   It now feels great the children can now easily find and get dressed in their own clothes which fit. That saves the whole family time”.
Editor, North-West London

Need to feel less overwhelmed, more in control and calm?

Need to feel less overwhelmed, more in control and calm?

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