Case Study 2: Dingy and dark office – in need of a revamp.

The Problem

A successful entrepreneur running a 10 years old training and skincare business was finding very hard to focus in her workspace, due to the piles of notes, paperwork, magazines, training material, consumables and stock (in big brown boxes) kept in her office, which had even reached the space under her desk!

Project Package


Time it took

24 hours

The Solution

I recommended the office to be split by “zones”, which meant each specialist activity had its dedicated area in the office.  This enabled my client to easily find and retrieve any needed tool, stock or file required.

A thorough decluttering exercise was carried out, getting rid of old paperwork, magazines and tools that were no longer required.

Brown card boxes were replaced with clear and colourful boxes, allowing more sunlight in and creating a more inspiring environment for the office.

Big card boxes and bottles used for packaging skin care products were moved to the utility room and loft, leaving free space to move around the office and reduce the piles and clutter that were causing overwhelm.

Finally all zones and boxes were labelled, making it easy for all staff to find any item and to ensure all items are stored in the right place, reducing the possibility for things to become messy once again.

My working in this project meant that my client significantly reduced the amount of paperwork and was motivated to move to paperless.  The clarity achieved in the office translated into more creativity, focus and calm for my client when spending time at her workspace.

My client said:

“I run an innovative training and skincare business and maintain an office and some stock from my home in London.  My work is varied, which means I have to keep track of a variety of written and typed notes, stock, consumables, training material and samples, in addition to innumerable specialist books and papers.  Patty gave new ideas for storage, how to manage future mounds of paperwork and she returned to label all the shelves, so anyone can now walk into my office and find what they are looking for. Patty is personable, quick thinking and grounded in her approach to support. I couldn’t recommend her enough”

Sunita Passi – Founder Tri Dosha, Writer, Speaker.


Need to feel less overwhelmed, more in control and calm?

Need to feel less overwhelmed, more in control and calm?

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