Joining the 30’s club this year, I was beginning to question both my life and work situation of what makes me happy, but most importantly questioning the energy I was surrounded by every day. 

I was lost in where I was putting my efforts into my work and was getting into bad habits of going home after work instead of sticking to plans to see friends. I felt I was lacking self-awareness and drive in my day and my energy to believe in myself.

I had never done anything like this before and after the discovery session, I was open-minded to what the programme had to offer. I discovered the meaning of ‘holistic’ well-being and after feeling heard and supported by Patty I wanted to take on the programme to feel a sense of purpose and progress

I feel more confident to ask in order to support my goals. I feel more confident in balancing my work life and being social. I can find the points of my day where I feel overwhelmed or the sense of feeling lost and be aware of it but most importantly use the tools I have learnt with Patty to deal with them and make myself feel more confident.

I now feel that I am making choices for what I love most and I am now surrounded by even more beautiful energies. I learned to let go of certain areas I was unable to control and focus on what I could.

Patty has a huge heart and energy that is an everlasting impression. Patty gives space to listen and guides to to exactly what changes you would like to make to feel happier and more confident. She has been a huge support to be a cheerleader every step of the way. She listens to every detail and comes back every session with more insightful information that is well-planned and personally written.

H.H , Free Lance Yoga Teacher, Journaling and Meditation Mentor

I wanted to work on myself to feel happier in my connections which I felt for a while I had neglected because I was focusing heavily on work. I also found myself getting  into  romantic relationships that were wrong for me,  I knew it had to do with me and, I kept on making the same mistakes when choosing a partner, I knew I was showing up the wrong way.. I felt having help from a coach  would benefit me. I wanted to become confident not just on the surface but deep down. I was hoping this would bring me more balance to work and life and make me more fun and relaxed.  I wanted to stop being so focused on work.

Now,  have learned to choose and prioritise myself. I now am more aware when I feel like falling for old learned behaviours so I can react differently and produce new results. I am very happy with the progress I made after 12 weeks of coaching.

The sessions with Patty have helped me become clear on what my desired outcome should feel like, become clear on where to focus my attention to achieve the results I’m after. I finally learned what was the trigger of my unwanted behaviour and how to change it!

This was my first one-to-one coaching programme and I felt that working with Patty has accelerated my growth and progress. Knowing that talking through things with Patty in our coaching sessions helped me see a different viewpoint when and how I was falling into old habits. Patty held me accountable,, she gave me exercises to put in the work and also helped me develop new healthy habits.

E.P , Marketing and Communications Director