I take YOU from feeling Overwhelmed to Overjoyed

If you feel you are drowning in clutter, feeling stuck or confused, struggling to work out what is important to you, and paralysed every time you need to make a decision – that’s where I come in and help.

I Take YOU From Feeling Overwhelmed To Overjoyed

If you feel you are drowning in clutter, feeling stuck or confused, struggling to work out what is important to you, and paralysed every time you need to make a decision – that’s where I come in and help.

Your Productivity Expert and Wellbeing Coach
Helping busy professionals like you reclaim the balance, energy, and focus to uncover your priorities when your mind is tired and life is busy and too chaotic.


Are you feeling life is too much?
Is the clutter in your head and your space creating disorganisation?

Lack of Drive

Do you struggle with motivation to do everything you want to do?


Would you like to feel more confident, in control and fulfilled?

I am a Productivity Expert & Wellbeing Coach

I help busy, confused professionals who are feeling stuck – overcome overwhelm to be replaced with joy, calm, and focus through my Productivity and Organising Services or my Wellbeing Coaching 

I know that clutter doesn’t only present itself in “stuff” around us but in our mindset, beliefs, and habits.  I advise people like you to let go of what is getting in their way so they can  make time and space for better sleep, exercise/movement, better nutrition, healthier relationships with people and finances, or make a career move. In essence, be, and create the change you want in your life.

I truly believe that to be able to lead an organised, productive life our space, our bodies, and our minds need to be in the right space. I also know that once we become  more organised we tend to have better physical health, as well as better mental health outcomes such as lower levels of depression and anxiety. In addition, being organised can also improve productivity and job satisfaction, leading to greater career success and financial stability. In summary, I know through my own experience and through my work with clients that wellness and productivity are closely connected, and investing in one’s well-being can lead to improved productivity in both personal and professional settings. 

If you’re drowning in clutter, are struggling to work out what’s important to you and are paralysed every time you need to make a decision, you are not alone; especially if you are also going through one of these stressful life situations:

  • Family: new baby, divorce, bereavement, blending families, empty nester, caring for elderly parents.

  • Life: moving home, downsizing, relocation, redundancy, working from home, promotion/change to new job role, kids preparing for major school exams.

Since 2012  I have worked with hundreds of professional busy people.  Ever since I have advised parents, professionals, and entrepreneurs on how to get rid of clutter, bad behaviours, and limiting beliefs. I help them implement systems and routines that eventually become habits to deal with daily demands and stay motivated to keep on top of life.

I can help you:

  • With your diary – create a vision, set goals that will ignite you, learn how to prioritise, create an achievable to-do-lists (or how I like to call them must-do-lists), minimise procrastination, manage and coordinate your personal and work calendars, make a habit out of block scheduling.

  • By sorting and helping you let go of limiting beliefs, introduce new healthy habits and change your mindset to a positive and confident one.

  • Improving your information management set up (budgets, filing systems, either paper based or electronic, email management)
  • With life transitions – I will help you plan, coordinate, keep you accountable and project manage any big life event where you are feeling overwhelmed and need expert advice (moving homes, divorce, bereavement, new baby, ageing parents, new work set up)

  • Making time and space for what really matters (decluttering, streamlining and organising space)
  • Introducing a holistic approach to leading a fulfilled, productive, balanced, healthy life (finding time for hobbies, exercising, cultural and social activities, exercise and movement, sleeping, eating and hydration habits)

Let’s work together! Here is how I can help you…

Organising &


Corporate Training & Coaching

I’m all about asking the right questions to help you find your way. Together, we’ll break down any challenges into manageable pieces, fueled by focused energy. Think of me as your supportive buddy, always there to keep you on track with consistent dedication and belief in your journey. I bring a positive, resourceful vibe; and you can count on me to be empathetic and non-judgmental. With my guidance, you’ll develop new, healthy habits that put you back in the driver’s seat of your life, leaving you feeling accomplished and in control.

Need to feel less overwhelmed, more in control and calm?

Need to feel less overwhelmed, more in control and calm?

Struggling to keep up with life demands?  Don’t have time for yourself yet you are the 1st one to get up at home and the last one to go to bed? I would love to know what are your challenges so I can explain how I work and help you get unstuck?

I help busy professionals just like you lead a healthy, fulfilling, happy life by letting go of what no longer serves them.