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The year 2020 threw us all off with the arrival of COVID-19 with that a worldwide lockdown as a measure to contain the virus.  We have never spent so much time at home.  Our homes now serve as: gyms, classrooms, workspaces, canteens and social life (zoom quizzes and zoom parties).

There has been a lot of shifting during this past year.

If you feel you had no time or warning to get ready for this and find that you don’t’ have the mental space to think or plan how to adapt your home and family to these new times- I’m here for you!

These could be some of the challenges you are facing:

No clue of where and how to work from home? What is required to have a productive work-from-home set up?  What should you invest in, if budget and space are limited?  How can space be utilised for work and at the same time for other family activities? How to manage and plan a day of work when there’s home admin, children and/or parents to look after as well as meeting work deadlines?

You’ve come to realise that there is too much stuff in your space and realistically you don’t need most of it. You feel your surroundings at home are bringing you down and you know you can and know how to purge what no longer serves you- but don’t know where to start or how to ideally store the items you do want to keep, so they are easy to find and retrieve when you need them.

You are about to move homes and need a checklist, tips and tricks on how to have a successful, stress free moving day. You have moved already and wish to purchase the ideal storage solutions for the new wardrobes, cupboards and room layouts. You are unsure on where and how to store your possessions in your new home.



  • 30 -60min on-line assessment

  • Action Plan with clear space layout for one area of concern with steps to be taken to tackle the project and links to storage solutions and furniture

  • 30 -60min on-line follow up/check up

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“Need to feel less overwhelmed, more in control and calm?  Feeling tired and frazzled?

“Need to feel less overwhelmed, more in control and calm?  Feeling tired and frazzled?

Struggling to keep up with life demands?  Don’t have time for yourself yet you are the 1st one to get up at home and the last one to go to bed? I would love to know what are your challenges so I can explain how I work and help you get unstuck?


I help busy women just like you to be more organised and productive

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